Magnus Talks Interest In Lucha Underground, Chaotic TNA Conference Call, ROH vs. TNA


Former TNA World Champion and recent departure Nick Aldis, a.k.a Magnus, recently spoke to Sean Ross Sapp of During the interview, Aldis discussed the infamous TNA conference call that followed Ring of Honor and Destination America’s signing, as well as him possibly going to NXT, and who he considers the number two wrestling promotion in America. Here are some highlights:

What was the conference call after ROH’s announcement like?

“It was chaotic. I don’t know whether that was a knee jerk thing or a reaction to that specific event. A lot of guys very nervous about their security, and I could understand it. I have a nine month old son. I may have said one thing, just focusing on practical business stuff. There were people sort of irrational like ‘we demand answers!, We have a right to know this and that!’ and I’m thinking we don’t really. We’re independent contractors, nobody owes us a living. I can only speak for my deal, but you have to take a step back and see we make a living pretending to fight. If someone can’t keep paying us to do that, we’ve been living in the bonus round. We could be digging ditches.”

Who do you consider the number two company in America right now, independent of international deals?

“In America, I guess it’d be pretty close. I don’t know the Ring of Honor ratings. I think the ratings are really archaic. I have a friend that works at Neilson, and it’s so variable and sporadic and not viable. ROH obviously has better live event business, because they have live event business period at this point, TNA doesn’t. TNA has two hours on TV, ROH has one. In certain markets, ROH’s brand recognition is probably comparable to TNA, but then I’d say in the south, TNA probably has slightly better brand recognition. I will say this, ROH’s operating cost is significantly lower. If I was looking at the two as an investor, that’s a factor. TNA’s international business is very good, though.”

Is NXT an option for you?

“I don’t know. Currently, I guess not. I’d like to. I think they’re doing some of the best job anywhere in wrestling. I think they’ve done a great job in creating their own version of an alternative brand. You can’t fault them, they are the business. The rest of us are fighting over the remains of the pie. I’m okay with that. I’m looking forward to any and all opportunities that come along.

“I’ve said openly how big of a fan I am of Lucha Underground. I haven’t had serious conversations with them, but I’ve certainly made them aware that’s absolutely something I’d love to get involved with. I think that I could surprise a lot of people if I went somewhere like that and did something completely new. I’ve got a lot more range than people realize. I tend to try to work smart. When it means something and the time is right, I’ll do the crazy stuff and do things they don’t associate with a 6’4 ‘body guy.’

“I’ve been in the business over ten years, I eat, sleep, breathe the business. I didn’t just wake up and decide I was going to be a wrestler. You’ve gotta be in shape if you want to do this. Sometimes I feel like because of this alternative culture that exists now, it’s almost a hindrance now, because people automatically associate you as a person who didn’t work as hard or was handed things. The way Dixie spoke publicly about me, I would say ‘please, that’s harming me, not helping me.’ I appreciate it, but it almost negates my own hard work. When I got to TNA, I was the shits, and I knew it. I hadn’t worked with anyone but Doug Williams and some other name guys on the independents before getting the gladiator gig. I didn’t have the experience, but what do you do, turn down a contract? I can tell you, that’s why I didn’t go after WWE at that stage. I just thought I wasn’t ready, and didn’t want to go until I was ready, if I ever go.”

Magnus also discussed the controversial angle involving himself, Mickie James and James Storm, the never-ending rumors of a TNA sale, why so many people left TNA all at one time, his aspirations to end up in WWE and more. You can read the full interview at