Maria Kanellis Calls Donald Trump a Hypocrite Over “Locker Room Talk” and Her Time on Celebrity Apprentice


TNA Knockout Maria Kanellis did some media this week to talk about working alongside Donald Trump when she was on Celebrity Apprentice back in 2010. Maria also appeared with Trump when he was on WWE TV.

On Celebrity Apprentice, Maria was “fired” for “locker room talk” after mentioning how fellow contestant, celebrity chef Curtis Stone, had used the women’s dressing room to relieve himself and “left a stench in the room.”

Trump told her, “That’s disgusting. This is my boardroom, it’s not a locker room.”

The “locker room talk” is obviously a hot topic of the US Presidential election after a 2005 audio was leaked with Trump making inappropriate comments.

Maria spoke to Newsweek at this link and commented on the situation Trump is in:

“It was very interesting. He fired me for making a comment that he considered ‘locker room talk,’ but what he said was much, much worse. I don’t believe what he said was ‘locker room talk.’ What he said was speaking about an assault on a woman, because he was a celebrity…it’s incredibly disrespectful.”

“He must have a very low opinion of the females that he’s worked with—maybe not females in general, but to say something like that about a married woman, it’s disrespectful, rude and uncouth,” says Kanellis, referencing Trump’s remarks to Billy Bush about former Access Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell. “At least, of the women he’s made these comments about, he must have a low opinion of them.”

Maria, who confirmed she won’t be voting for Trump, alleges that Trump made a comment about a mole she has on her shoulder in a segment that did not air. A spokesperson for Trump could not immediately be reached for comment but Maria said:

“I have a mole on my shoulder and he told me I should get it removed because it’s an imperfection.”

“I’m not a Donald Trump presidential [candidate] supporter. I don’t believe anyone that’s trying to become president should say comments like that. Some will say, ‘It’s in the past,’ but if you’re trying to hold the highest office in the United States of America you should be cognizant of what you’ve said in the past or what you say today.”

Maria also spoke to ET via USA Today:

“He fired me for what I said and what he said was much worse. I don’t think that was locker-room talk. I think it was sexual assault. When I first saw it I was astounded that anybody remembered it. But then again, we are talking about a presidential nominee. When he is a hypocrite about things that he says, I guess then it starts to become a news story.”

Below is video of Maria being “fired” on the show:

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