Mick Foley Says Triple H Doesn’t Hate Him

Mick Foley

After Mick Foley’s teenage son Mickey implied online that Triple H dislikes his father, the WWE Hall of Famer took time to address the longstanding rumor on Facebook.


Despite what you may have heard, I really don’t believe Triple H dislikes me, as my son Mickey implied on his live stream – from which point the story took on a life of its own. Keep in mind, that my son Mickey is on the autism spectrum and while he is a bright and beautiful child, he doesn’t always speak with the same type of filter that most of us naturally have – and as a result, he is much more likely to say exactly what comes into his mind.

Sure, it created something of an awkward position for me – but nothing that is said or done will ever take away from the bond Triple H and I share; the bond of great matches as we were moving up the card in 1997 and 1998, and when we were on top of the card, on top of the cell – and figuratively, on top of the world in 2000. Rumors will come and go. But memories like the ones Triple H and I created will last a lifetime.

It’s been said in the past that Triple H would disparage Foley in creative meetings. Here is what I reported in June 2012 about the rumor:

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer was asked by a reader during his radio show why WWE has not utilized Mick Foley on television more frequently since his return to the organization in November 2011. He said this is due to Triple H’s lobbying, who is resentful of “The Hardcore Legend.”

Meltzer says Triple H deprecates Foley whenever his name comes up in creative meetings. While Brian Gewirtz, WWE’s Senior Vice President of Creative Writing, feels Foley is creative and a good performer, Triple H thinks otherwise. He says Foley ‘doesn’t look tough’ and can’t be taken seriously as an in-ring performer.

A former WWE creative writer told Power Slam magazine in 2008 under the condition of anonymity that Triple H would disparage Foley whenever he appeared for the company, and in the process, diminish his value in the eyes of Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

“Foley is an out-of-shape nobody,” Triple H was reported as saying by the writer. “No one cares about him at all. Funaki puts more asses in the seats than Foley does. He should pay us for coming on our shows.”

Meltzer believes the real reason Triple H still holds Foley in contempt is because he gets irritated over the consensus of his closest co-workers that his memorable matches with Foley in 2000 “made him a star.”