The Miz On If Maryse Will Wrestle Again, Helping NXT Talent Prepare For WWE

The Miz and Maryse

Since her return to WWE in the spring, fans haven’t seen Maryse wrestling in matches. Does this mean we’ve seen the last French Kiss finisher delivered?

“The No. 1 question she is always asked is when can we see her back in the ring,” The Miz said in an interview with Channel Guide Magazine. “Time will tell. We will see what happens. She is doing so much right now. She just had a movie come out on SyFy called Isle of the Dead trending worldwide. It was really well-received. Then we have the video game, with WWE 2K17 coming out in October. There is so much happening right now. We’ll see what happens.”

The Miz is one of the longest-tenured performers consistently on the active WWE roster these days. Now with so many getting the call-up from NXT, the Intercontinental Champion hopes to lead by example.

“I think people who come up think it will be exactly the same as it is in NXT and the Performance Center, and it’s not,” Miz said.

“It’s completely different. So you try to warm them up and get them prepared and ready for what WWE has to offer. I don’t think anything can prepare you fully, so you prepare them as much as possible. You talk to them on the road and have them experience the way the crowds work. The crowds are completely different on the main roster than they are at NXT. NXT is a smaller venue. Here you are in the biggest venues and on the biggest shows with Raw and SmackDown Live. So to help them out here is kind of what I’ve been doing.”

Maryse was also interviewed for the piece and she talked about traveling with The Miz and her role in WWE. You can check out the interview here.