More Details on Recent Airport Incident Between Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan’s Wife

Scott Steiner

– We’ve noted how there was an incident between Scott Steiner and Hulk Hogan’s wife on the way to San Jose during WrestleMania 31 Week, that resulted in Steiner being banned from the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony at Hulk’s request.

TMZ has new details on the story and reports that Steiner threatened to kill Hulk to his wife. Steiner allegedly grabbed Hogan’s wife at baggage claim and threatened to “kill Terry” as soon as he landed.

TMZ reports that Jennifer didn’t immediately recognize Steiner but she did call Hulk, who took the next flight to San Jose and went with her to file a police report the next morning. Steiner is now being investigated for “felony terrorist threats” and police have airport surveillance video that shows Steiner confronting Mrs. Hogan.

Steiner offered this comment to TMZ:

“Typical Hogan. He’s just a punk.”

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