More on Sunny Being Released from Jail and the Various Conditions She Agreed To


– As noted, WWE Hall of Famer Tammy “Sunny” Sytch appeared in court last Friday after being arrested on Wednesday for a bench warrant that was issued due to her skipping three previous court dates for a May DUI arrest. Sunny was released from jail after posting $2,000 cash bail that evening.

She was released from jail and the warrant was canceled with the following conditions:

* She post the $2,000 bail

* She report to the Carbon County Adult Parole & Probation Department within 72 hours of her jail release

* She will officially notify the court, the District Attorney and her own attorney of any change in address or phone number

* She will complete a drug and alcohol evaluation and follow all recommendations made

* She agrees to a zero-tolerance policy for “the possession, control and consumption of alcoholic beverages and non-prescribed medication.” If she violates, she will be arrested for violating bail terms

* She agrees to a zero-tolerance policy if she misses any urine tests without a legitimate reason. If she does miss one and does not have a legit reason, she will be arrested for violating her bail

* She agrees to appear in court on December 2nd for charges against her to be read. The judge will be advised if there has been a plea bargain reached. If no plea is made, Sunny agrees she will appear in court for a jury trial on December 7th

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