Natalya Talks About Retirement Rumors, Why Paige Is a Hypocrite, Tyson Kidd’s Health, More


– This week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole features Natalya, as seen above. Below are highlights:

* Cole asks how her husband Tyson Kidd is doing after suffering a neck injury several months ago. She says he’s doing great, getting stronger every day and keeping a positive attitude.

* Cole asks why she wasn’t in the Divas Revolution when it started. She talks about how she was at home helping out with Kidd. She says it was hard to step back from her career and watch the other girls have awesome matches. Cole says a lot of people believe Natalya was the trailblazer for the Revolution. He brings up the Takeover match against Charlotte in 2014. Natalya says she and Charlotte have a bond because they grew up in the business and always felt like they had big boots to fill. She says they dedicated that match to her brother Reid Flair and that made it more emotional. She knew she had the task of bringing out the best of Charlotte that night.

* Regarding Paige taking credit for the Revolution, Natalya feels like it’s a collaboration among all the Divas. She says Paige’s claim isn’t accurate. Natalya says Paige is young and a little immature. Natalya says Paige is acting like a brat right now and acting like she doesn’t need anyone’s help when they all need help. Natalya says Paige is having a temper tantrum and taking out her frustrations because she’s not the “shiny new toy” anymore. Natalya calls Paige a hypocrite and says she’s going against everything she stood for when she first won the Divas Title.

* Cole brings up rumors of her retirement in the near future. Natalya laughs and says the best has yet to come.

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