Natalya Talks Tyson Kidd, WWE: Uncaged Released on iTunes, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan

Natalya and Tyson Kidd

– Courtesy of The Bella Twins’ new YouTube page, below is video of Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella at their first ultrasound appointment. The couple are expecting their first baby girl together in 2017.

– WWE Music has released “WWE: Uncaged” on iTunes, an album of 16 unreleased theme songs by Jim Johnston. Below is the track list:

1. “Smack” – Smackdown 1999 Theme
2. “Holla If Ya Hear Me” – Scott Steiner
3. “Break The Walls Down” (Version 1)- Chris Jericho
4. “Viva La Raza” – Eddie Guerrero
5. “Desert Threat” – Iron Sheik
6. “Dragon” – Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
7. “Blayzing Hot” – Alundra Blayze
8. “The Horror” – The Boogeyman
9. “Buffalo” – Tatanka
10. “Posse” – Mean Street Posse
11. “Star of Vega” – Savio Vega
12. “Hardwood” – Bam Bam Bigelow
13. “Green Mist” – Tajiri
14. “Fighter” – Dan Severn
15. “I Walk Alone (Acoustic)” – Batista WM30 Commercial
16. “Voices (Acoustic)” – Randy Orton WM30 Commercial

– Natalya posted the following on Tyson Kidd this week, noting that 2016 was the first year since 1995 where Kidd didn’t wrestle a match. Natalya says Kidd has been focused on his physical and mental recovery after having c1 & c2 spinal fusion surgery. Kidd was injured taking a Musclebuster from Samoa Joe during a RAW dark match last year.

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