New Bill DeMott Project Revealed, DeMott Comments on Working with Vince Russo Again

Bill DeMott

– The following was issued tonight:

RELM Network signs Pro Wrestling’s Bill DeMott

(Washington DC) – Pro wrestling great Bill DeMott has joined the RELM Network, for a new weekly show premiering August 18th at

“The Bill DeMott Experience” will feature interviews conducted by the well-traveled wrestling legend, and will be available as a free subscription on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud and at

DeMott’s best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling, in which he was known as “Hugh Morrus.” He performed for World Wrestling Entertainment under his real name, and he appeared as “Crash, the Terminator” in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

DeMott’s been the WWE’s head trainer until this year, when he left to pursue new ventures, including his new show on the world’s most diverse podcast network.

“I’m jacked up about joining the RELM Network,” said DeMott.

And he says he’s excited about working again with Vince Russo—the legendary wrestler who already has several shows on his own RELM channel, “The Brand”.

Quoting DeMott again, “The team of Vince Russo and Bill DeMott—back together again after all these years—get ready!”

DeMott’s show is now part of a wide variety of shows to be offered by RELM, now and in the future.

The RELM Network is proud of its entire line-up, featuring shows on news and politics (left and right,) comedy, gaming, sports, interviews and the arts.

The RELM Network also features Buzz Burbank News and Comment, The Kirk McEwen Show, The Marc & Lowell Show, Bob & Chez, Foodie and the Beast and more at

RELM plans continued growth, adding even more established favorites, and promising new talent, with a focus on diversity.

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