New Details on WWE Possibly Hosting Fantasy Camps for Fans at the Performance Center

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– We noted back in August 2014 that WWE was toying with the idea of hosting Fantasy Camps for fans at the Performance Center in Orlando. The idea was to run a regular package ans a VIP package with the VIP costing $7,500 for a 3 night, 2 day experience. The camps would have been limited to just 40 fans over the age of 18 with VIP packages being split into groups of 10 to provide a more intimate experience. Both packages were loaded with perks for fans.

WWE has issued another survey on potential Performance Center Fantasy Camps and it appears many of the details have been tweaked. The camps would now run just one day and be limited to 20 fans instead of 40. Perks would now include:

* Participants signing a “training contract” with WWE NXT Coaches and “getting a welcome from HHH himself.”

* Breakfast and Lunch with NXT champions.

* Tour of the WWE PC.

* Observe a Promo Class taught by Dusty Rhodes.

* Watch NXT Training Session, “Skill Session” and watch talents create their own promos.

* Create your own voiceovers.

* Watch an NXT showcase show inside the WWE PC.

* Receive autographed photos of all participating NXT talents.

This could be something WWE is looking at launching in 2016 and would be a way to make money off the Performance Center.

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