New WWE Recruit Talks The Rock and John Cena, US Marine on Getting His Phone Call from WWE

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– As noted, WWE announced that they have signed 11 new talents for the WWE Performance Center in Orlando on Monday. Scott Fishman of The Miami Herald spoke with Kenneth Crawford, a four-year veteran of the US Marine Corps and an accomplished high school athlete. The full interview is at this link. Crawford, who grew up a big WWE fan, commented on the day he got his phone call from WWE:

“I was in San Diego, California. I was working at my contracting job for the Navy. I was driving home, and I got the call from [WWE’s] Canyon [Ceman] saying that I made it. I literally had to pull over to the side of the road, before I caused anymore traffic that already is in San Diego. The first person I told was my mom [Dara]. I told my mother simply because it was something I grew up on, that I was embedded in. This is stuff I got in trouble with as a kid. Everything. She’s seen the struggles that we went through. From the hardships — without a father figure to the passing of my sister [Kenesha] in 2000; she was also big on wrestling — to my own family that I have. Everything was full circle at that point.”

Fishman also spoke to new WWE talent Thomas Kingdon, a professional bodybuilder who also stood out at high school football. Their full interview is at this link. Kingdon says it would be an honor to face John Cena one day and commented on the opportunity he’s been given:

“I have been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and my main dream now is to become the next superstar. I look at people like The Rock, who would be in the ring, and he would be electrifying, and then outside of the ring, people would flock to him, want to be around him. Then you have someone like John Cena, who also started in bodybuilding, and he became much more than just a physique. He is charismatic. He’s a whole persona. I give so much respect to him for becoming much more than just someone who competed.”

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