Nia Jax Rips Emma Over Not Capitalizing On Her Push From Vince McMahon

Emma’s current gimmick is running her mouth, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise she got on Twitter to gloat after stealing the pin in the tag match on Raw which earned her and Nia Jax entry into a Raw Women’s Championship Match at No Mercy.

Jax shot back at Emma this morning with the following.

The reference is to Emma’s makeover to Emmalina, which became a running joke since WWE constantly said for months that she would be “premiering soon.” This culminated with Australian Superstar walking on stage in a gown and declaring she was going back to the name Emma.

Backstage rumors indicate that WWE officials really did have big plans for the Emmalina character. But after multiple rehearsals, they felt she couldn’t pull off what they were looking for and nixed it.

Emmalina was intended to be a throwback to past WWE Divas, such as Sable and The Kat. However, her debut was constantly delayed since officials felt that she wasn’t committing enough to the role. They eventually gave up and Emma went back to portraying her regular heel character.

Check out this rare photo of what her Emmalina ring gear would have looked like.