Nikki Bella Almost Had Another Wardrobe Malfunction

Nikki Bella

Almost exactly a year to the day of Brie Bella suffering a nipslip during a live episode of Raw, her sister Nikki suffered one of her own during the July 21, 2014 episode of Raw.

Two weeks prior to that on Raw, Nikki almost had a similar wardrobe malfunction when laid out on the ground and tied up. However, in this case, her nipple didn’t pop out.

The Divas’ trick to keep things in place comes in the form of double-sided tape. Former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis revealed once:

I usually try to wear something practical and cute to wrestle in. But the problem is that most things that are sexy are so small and have a tendency to slip and move so the tigers (a.k.a. boobs) or other places come out to visit. As much as that might be entertaining to some of the studs out there (maybe some of the ladies too hehe), I think I would get thrown off the show. So, all of us girls have a secret that I am about to tell you to keep our clothes in place. It is double-sided tape. Sexy, right? Well at least it keeps the Divas covered so we can come out to play every week without getting thrown off the air for over-exposure.