Nikki Bella Also Taking Time Away from WWE?, Batista and James Bond Talk Fight Scene Injuries

Nikki Bella

– Over the weekend we posted a fight scene from the new “007: Spectre” movie with Batista’s Mr. Hinx character battling Daniel Craig’s James Bond character. Back in April it was reported that Craig had to stop filming to undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair a knee injury. That injury happened in the scene with Batista. Craig commented to EW:

“It could have happened to me getting out the shower. It’s one of those injuries, I hit it at the wrong angle and it just went. ….. Dave Bautista was picking me up and throwing me! So I wasn’t getting out of the shower.”

Batista also commented on the scene and revealed another minor injury that happened after filming resumed:

“We were going at it 100 percent. Very physical. There was a small, little indentation in the floor. His foot just slipped off it and tweaked and his knee collapsed in. It was that fast. It was torn.”

“There’s one part where Daniel lands a punch, and you just heard it. My nose just spattered blood. I’m grabbing it, trying to feel it, the suit’s completely ruined. Daniel goes, ‘Oh my God, I broke his nose!’”

Batista’s nose wasn’t actually broken, EW reports.

– Earlier we posted this tweet from Nikki Bella to WWE Divas Champion Charlotte and now there’s speculation that Nikki may be taking time off with boyfriend John Cena. Nikki does say she will “be back” but as of this writing, she’s still advertised for WWE’s tour of Europe in November. She is not advertised for tonight’s RAW but I can’t confirm that she was in the first place. We’ll keep you updated on her status.

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