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Nikki Bella

If traffic has come to a screeching halt, it might be The Bellas walking down the street. This double dose of Diva is not a hallucination. It’s Nikki Bella and her twin sister, Brie Bella.

For years, these beautiful bombshells have turned heads and broken hearts in WWE, but do not dismiss them as eye candy. Whether tangling with other top Divas on their own or unleashing a little “Twin Magic,” these spicy sisters spell double trouble for all their rivals. Nikki provided the assist when Brie Bella scored the first Divas Championship for the twin tandem. A year later, however, Nikki was able to strap the coveted title around her own waist after toppling the powerful Beth Phoenix.

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The hit show Total Divas provides a lens into Nikki’s private life. This added attention has stirred jealousy among rival Divas, but Nikki and the rest of the cast have the skills to prove that they are not just pretty faces.

Nikki and Brie have each other’s backs, but their sibling rivalry is always bound to surface. They once found themselves at odds over Daniel Bryan (ironically, Brie would say “I do” to The Beard years later). They also supported opposite teams in the battle of the General Managers at WrestleMania XXVIII.