Nikki Bella Had A Wardrobe Malfunction On Instagram (Images and Video)

Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella’s tendency to not wear a bra makes her prone to a possible wardrobe malfunction and unfortunately for her, she had one on Wednesday.

Nikki, who often promotes products on social media, posted a video on Instagram Story of herself unpacking a box full of beauty products over a kitchen counter. Nikki was wearing a bathrobe while unpacking the box and her left breast became briefly exposed.

The video was sped up, so her wardrobe malfunction was not very noticeable. Some eagle-eyed fans, however, did catch her nip slip as images and video have surfaced online.

Nikki wardrobe malfunction was so brief that it could only be seen in a few video frames. To see the images, click here.

To see the frame-by-frame video of Nikki’s wardrobe malfunction (which has been slowed down), click here.

While Nikki is known to flaunt her breasts, her wardrobe malfunction appears to be accidental since she deleted the video a few hours later.

Nikki said on The Bellas Podcast last week that she doesn’t like to wear bras. There is a segment where she and Brie debated her mom on why wearing a bra is bad. Nikki was also spotted out in Studio City, California last week without a bra on.