Noam Dar Talks About the WWE Performance Center, His CWC Debut, Zack Sabre, Jr., More

Noam Dar

As seen above, WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor and new RAW Superstar Noam Dar recently spoke with Below are highlights:

Where he was when WWE first contacted him:

“If I’m 100% honest, I was playing FIFA at my mate’s house. I was winning, just in case anyone wants to question my FIFA skills! My phone was in my bag, and it was the area code that gave it away that it was a legitimate call. I’m quite thankful I missed out on the initial call because me being the pessimist, I’d have just assumed it was one of my friends doing a prank call. It all happened almost out of nowhere, so it was quite a shock.”

The WWE Performance Center:

“I love everything about it there. I enjoy the mission objective that the Performance Center has, you can really feel it from the second you step through the doors. The coaches, there’s such a variety, it’s so refreshing to have. I’m really happy to be there at this age, it’s a lucky experience to have.”

Nerves before his CWC debut:

“I’m quite a nervous performer as it is, maybe more anxious. It was a new challenge, the UK scene is quite a close group so fans know who’s who and that really works in our favour. Over there, it’s an entirely new audience to open myself up to. It just felt like my first match again, that’s almost how it felt.”

Those who have helped him:

“It’s great being over there with Zack Sabre Jr. He’s helped me for years, I’ve known him since I was 14. He helped me with wrestling stuff and adult stuff because I’m terribly immature and he’s very mature, so he’s been a good help over there. Everyone’s so positive and we’re all there to do the same job. Jack Gallagher’s been teaching me how to tie ties. Apparently it’s not just once-twice-through, there’s all sorts, there’s Windsor knots, there’s this, there’s that. That guy’s an encyclopaedia of ties.”

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