Noam Dar Comes Under Fire After Fans Dig Up Offensive Tweets

Noam Dar

WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Noam Dar could be in hot water after fans unearthed a series of tweets the wrestling standout sent out years ago that have been labeled as offensive and racist.

The tweets — some of which have since been deleted — are making their way around the net. Twitter user @chvrlottesweb shared screengrabs of some of the old tweets people are talking about, which we have transcribed.

In a tweet from March 2012, Noam joked about sexually abusing his younger brother.

He wrote, “I stand corrected, it was my girlfriend, I’m still gonna sexually abuse my little brother. #itsalrightonafridaynight.”

(The tweet was deleted shortly after this post was made)

In a tweet about the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony, Noam wrote, “If you didn’t shout “and fried rice!” At your tv screen when the China team came out, your a racist. #olympicceremony.”

This tweet has since been deleted.

In a 2013 tweet that has since been deleted, Noam wrote, “Hey how funny would it be if people used the “my nigga” song on vines?

Screenshots of the aforementioned tweets can be seen here.