Over One-Third Of The Performers From Wrestlemania VII Have Died

Ultimate Warrior

Is WrestleMania VII cursed?

In the wake of the death of Ultimate Warrior on Tuesday in Scottsdale, Arizona, it’s eerie to note that over one-third of the performers who participated in the 1991 pay-per-view spectacular have died.

It has been discovered that 18 of the 51 performers at the event have died, with many of the deaths attributed to drug use.

The list of talent who have died since the memorable show include some of the biggest stars in the history of the professional wrestling industry such as Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Perfect. Causes of death include suicides, murder and heart attacks, some the result of years of anabolic steroid use. Warrior passed away in the parking lot of the Gainey Suites Hotel while walking to his car with his wife. TMZ.com is reporting that he clutched his chest and collapsed, which are signs of a heart attack. Savage, his WrestleMania VII opponent, died on May 20, 2011 after suffering an apparent heart attack behind the wheel of his truck. The other featured players in the match, Miss Elizabeth and Queen Sherri, both passed away after overdosing on a variety of drugs (Miss Elizabeth in 2003, Queen Sherri in 2007).

Not counting the deaths of Gorilla Monsoon (62, natural causes) and Lord Alfred Hayes (76, multiple strokes), sixteen performers have died prematurely—Ultimate Warrior (54, ‘catastrophic medical event’), Randy “Macho King” Savage (58, heart attack), Andre the Giant (46, heart failure), Mr. Perfect (44, drug overdose), Miss Elizabeth (42, drug overdose), The British Bulldog (39, heart attack), Dino Bravo (44, gunshot), The Texas Tornado (33, suicide), Hawk (46, heart attack), Hercules (47, heart disease), Earthquake (42, bladder cancer), Queen Sherri (49, drug overdose), Crush (44, unconfirmed), Big Boss Man (41, heart attack), Paul Bearer (58, heart attack) and Joey Marella (31, car accident).

Meanwhile, none of the 44 starters from the Super Bowl played in 1991 have passed away and only two of 44 boxers who held a championship belt that year are gone.