Paige Addresses Last Week’s Bar Incident With Drunk Patron and Alicia Fox (Video)


While most of the question and answers at comic book conventions involving professional wrestling personalities are fluff, Saturday afternoon’s session at Wizard World Comic Con Pittsburgh featuring Paige had a newsworthy item.

Notably, Paige was asked about the TMZ report of her and fellow WWE Diva Alicia Fox allegedly being kicked out of Supano’s Prime Steakhouse, Seafood, and Pasta in Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday night prior to Monday’s Raw.

Paige noted that the incident at the bar was not recorded for Total Divas and that it was “blown out of proportion.” It started when Paige confronted a patron for recording her signing karaoke. Paige, who described the patron as a “drunken mess,” said drinks were thrown and they were all kicked out of the bar, but no fight broke out.

Her full explanation can be heard in this video below.