Paige Addresses Rumors of Possible WWE Heat After “F Bomb”, Talks More Brits Joining WWE


– Paige recently spoke with talkSPORT while on he current WWE UK tour. The full interview is at this link. She commented on more Brits possibly joining WWE:

“There are girls who I really love who are in Bellatrix. There’s Sammi Baynz and Liberty and endless amounts of wrestlers I grew up with. The more Brits the better. There’s only a handful of us [in WWE at the moment] so the more the merrier! But there is a cut off point. They can’t be stealing my spotlight!”

Paige also addressed rumors of WWE officials being upset after she dropped a “f bomb” during a recent live Periscope chat:

“There was no fallout. I’m very loose with my tongue sometimes and I say things I don’t really mean. But you know what, as soon as I was on there, it was ‘Eff you, Paige.’ Well, eff you back! And that was it. There was no fallout, there was no nothing. You know how the internet goes – they take something and make it huge. They don’t know nothin’! They’ punished me by letting me go on Conan, yeah. Ugh!”

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