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20 Hot Photos Of Paige In A Bikini


They call her “The Anti-Diva,” but she’s not above showing things off like former WWE Divas Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson.

Check out these hot bikini photos of Paige

Part 1 (10 Photos) | Part 2 (10 Photos)

Paige’s Hottest Instagram Photos →
This is her house! No, literally — go to Paige’s Instagram account and there you will find her house. Paige on Instagram is awesome for many reasons, but most people follow her for the revealing shots. Check out her hottest pics

Photos Of Paige Showing Off Her Booty →
Paige may not have the biggest bottom, but with her revealing outfits both inside the ring and on Total Divas, her perfectly shaped booty deserves some recognition. Check out these photos

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