Is Paige Out Of Action Due To Issues Outside Of The Ring?


Many fans have been wondering as to what has happened to Paige. Once an integral part of the WWE’s Women’s Division, the two-time Divas Champion has all but faded from television and rarely competes at non-televised shows these days. Saraya Knight, the WWE star’s mother, said on Saturday that she has been out of action due to a variety of injuries.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter published on Thursday, Dave Meltzer said there are “issues” between Paige and WWE higher-ups that has “insiders in the company were very much worried about her status.” He would not, however, elaborate on what exactly those issues are.

Many fans have speculated that injury claims may be a cover-up for her hiatus from the ring. That is not the case.

Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio last week that her issues with WWE have nothing to do with her in-ring hiatus as she is legitimately injured. Meltzer said that if Paige wasn’t injured, she would still be wrestling despite whatever problems there are between herself and WWE. Meltzer also described this friction as “not insignificant.”

Paige is scheduled for another evaluation on Aug. 15, which will determine the next steps in her injury treatment.