Latest On Rumors Of Paige Possibly Quitting WWE


It’s being rumored that Paige has not only quit WWE, but also hired legal representation in the process

Have we seen the last of Paige inside a WWE ring?

FrontRowBrian, a wrestling and MMA insider, is saying that she quit Vince McMahon’s organization this week.

So who is FrontRowBrian and why should we believe him?

He has broken multiple mixed martial arts stories and some wrestling stories. Perhaps most notably in regards to wrestling, he broke the news of WWE Hall of Famer Sunny reaching a deal to appear in an adult film.

FrontRowBrian then noted that the major point of contention in regards to her attempting to quit is that she is under WWE contract for several more years.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer reported last week that she is under contract to WWE through 2019. He addressed the rumor in a vague manner, saying “there were things going on (on Wednesday)” and that he wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true.

Whatever the case may be, there definitely appears to be friction between both sides.

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