Police Report Released From Alberto El Patron and Paige’s Airport Incident

Alberto Del Rio and Paige

Alberto El Patron’s attorney, Keith McMahon, released the police case report for the altercation between Alberto El Patron and Paige at Orlando International Airport on July 9. The report lists Jose Rodriguez — El Patron’s real name — as the victim and the weapon being “Hands/Fist/Feet.”

“This last month was marked false reports by ‘untrained reporters’ not doing their due diligence,” McMahon wrote in a statement released on Twitter. “Now the official report stating what actually happened.

“I would like to thank everyone that supported my clients never read into false reports posted on the internet by reporters trying to earn a buck by defaming and hurting my clients and their families, including Alberto’s 3 innocent children. As you can see there was no alcohol or drugs and no arrests. NO physical harm to one another, just an argument between a couple that others exploited. Thank you to everyone who believed in them. God bless you all.”

The State Attorney’s Office for the Ninth Judicial Circuit of Florida is still determining whether to charge Paige with battery. Dutch Mantell said during a Global Force Wrestling conference call on Wednesday that El Patron is still suspended from the company pending the conclusion of their own internal investigation.

Here are the police report and McMahon’s statement.

TMZ Sportsobtained an audio recording of their dispute in which an emotional Paige screams out, “Stay out of my life. Leave me the fuck alone.”