Post 7169

Known as “The Ravishing Russian,” Lana is the International Social Ambassador for Rusev, a WWE Superstar hell-bent on “crushing” his opposition. Educated and well-connected in the Russian socio-political scene, Lana is planning a hostile takeover of WWE and has just the asset to do it.

Rusev operates on her command. His merciless power displays serve to spread her message that “Resistance is futile.” Lana’s boastful praise for the unpopular Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, has incited wrestling fans, who can only watch while she revels in another vicious exhibition by her “Super Athlete.” As Rusev continues to display his superiority, Lana becomes more aggressive in extolling his virtues. She seems to hold a domineering power over the Bulgarian Bruter, and, like a bizarro-Lois Lana, has inspired his rampage against the American way.

Lana’s authoritative introduction of her client have bred anger and fear in the masses, and the Ravishing Russian has only begun.