Randy Orton Talks Favorite RKO, Choosing WWE Over Acting, What Motivates Him These Days, More

Randy Orton

– Randy Orton recently spoke with Crave Online to promote the release of WWE Studios’ The Condemned 2, which comes out on Friday. The full interview is at this link. Below are highlights:

CraveOnline: You got the movie star look so is acting something you’d like to do full-time in the future?

Randy Orton: That’s a hard question only because I enjoy what I do in the ring so much. I’ve got a family in St. Louis and do like a Batista and put all of your eggs in one basket you never know how that’s going to go. I know I’m good right now at what I do with the WWE. Doing a film every couple of years is fun but I don’t know about moving to L.A. and doing it full-time, going to auditions 10 times a week and getting turned down and getting one shot.

I took the family to see The Last Witch Hunter and Vin Diesel is in it. There’s this one spot with Kurt Angle. He has no lines and he’s in it for maybe six seconds and I looked over to my fiancé, Kim, and I was like ‘Yeah, he auditioned for that role and probably maybe enough to buy a Fiji water at the airport.’ It’s either be Batista and become Drax and sign a three-movie deal with Guardians of the Galaxy and work with [Robert] DeNiro and be a heel in the next James Bond movie or have a six second spot as a bodyguard with no lines where you don’t even get put in the credits. It’s tough, man.

I’d rather be a main event superstar for the WWE for the next 10 years rather than try and make it out in Hollywood where all these people study this craft their whole life. The craft I studied was wrestling. I’m good at it and I enjoy it but the whole movie thing, doing a film from time-to-time for WWE is probably going to be the extent of my film career.

CraveOnline: Favorite RKO of all-time?

Randy Orton: Gosh, the one with Evan Bourne is up there. The one with Seth [Rollins] at WrestleMania is up there. There have been a few real cool ones out of nowhere but the one with Evan Bourne is my favorite.

CraveOnline: What are you most proud of when you look back on your career?

Randy Orton: I’ve been in the last 12 WrestleMania’s. I think that’s a pretty cool accomplishment. Also, being a 12x world champion is up there on the list. I have done it all and I work with the best and I’ve beaten the best and I’ve had matches of the night and matches of the year. There are just so many things I look back on and I’m proud of but the 12 WrestleMania appearances in a row and the 12 championships are at the top of the list.

CraveOnline: You’ve been in WWE for nearly 14 years and you have accomplished everything possible and you’ve even done action movies. How do you stay motivated?

Randy Orton: The kids kind of revitalized my motivation for being a WWE Superstar just because they’re all big fans. Seeing them light up when they see me have a good match or hear them on the phone talk about ‘Oh my God. It was so cool when you did this’ or ‘I liked it when you did this.’ They’ll give me suggestions and I’ll capitalize on them in the ring and on live television and it makes their day. My little girl, she could give or take what daddy does for a living but now that we have the boys around, they’ve kind of got her interested. I remember being young and looking up to my pop [Bob Orton, Jr.] and everyone thought it was so cool.

I’d say the kids motivate me. The Make-A-Wish kids motivate me, the kids sitting front row that after I beat somebody and I walk around and shake a few hands and see how they light up and the fact that I came over and shook their hand makes their day and they won’t forget that, that motivates me. As a whole, I’d say the kids motivate me now that I’m older and a father and a husband. I now see the importance of it.

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