Rob Van Dam on a Possible WrestleMania Return, TNA and Dixie Carter, His Movie Career, More

Rob Van Dam

– As noted, Rob Van Dam recently held a Periscope Q&A from the set of “Captive,” which also stats Steven Seagal. Below are more highlights:

* RVD said he gets plenty of offers for projects every day but he doesn’t have to take every booking at this point in his life. He’s not interested in doing reality shows or “this and that”

* He currently has homes in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and enjoys going back & forth

* He’s taking selective bookings for good money while in between WWE deals but we won’t be seeing him on ROH or TNA

* He asked if TNA was still around and said he heard a rumor of them getting a TV deal but said he’s been hearing those rumors since 2010

* RVD said he does want to see TNA succeed and loves Dixie Carter, wants to see her succeed as well

* Regarding a possible WrestleMania 32 return, RVD said he would have to be on TV during WrestleMania season and that’s usually the worst travel season because of the weather. He said it’s been nice not having to deal with that kind of stuff and this is why he did his returns in the summer previously

* He has another 3-4 movies being finalized and may begin filming another right after Captive

* RVD said he stays busy but as busy as he wants to be. He doesn’t want to be busier than he is right now but is always looking for good opportunities

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