Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus – WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Raw, December 14, 2015

Roman Reigns

The Big Dog vies for the grandest prize in sports-entertainment against The Celtic Warrior in this high-stakes rematch.

Sometimes, a little extra incentive is all you need. With his career hanging in the balance, Roman Reigns capped off a frustrating year of almosts to finally become WWE World Heavyweight Champion. That means Sheamus is out, his reign cut short by a perfect storm of a performance from The Big Dog that called for him to overcome an early deficit — and the presence of Mr. McMahon at ringside — to maintain his footing in the contest.

Reigns hung so tight with the champion that Mr. McMahon himself had to pull the ref off to stop a three count, then distracted said official long enough for The League of Nations to strike. Reigns shook all that off, Superman Punched The Chairman (!), kicked out of a Brogue Kick and, finally, Speared Sheamus to win. Almost a year after his ignominious Royal Rumble win in this same building, Roman Reigns is finally champion. And boy, did he earn it.