Rosa Mendes Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction On WWE Main Event

Rosa Mendes

The modern day WWE Divas division is all about athleticism and sex appeal. Some fans grumble about that, stating that WWE too often rewards looks more than wrestling skills, but let’s get real here, WWE isn’t real sports, it’s perfectly understandable that an entertainment company scripts its product around pretty girls. Just like in the movies, it’s all part of the spectacle, WWE want to sell the most appealing product possible. With a key demographic of 18 -35 year old males it’s hardly surprising that sexiness is important.

The requirement of having to look great and be able to wrestle is a challenge for every diva performer. The infamous term ‘wardrobe malfunction’ is inevitably going to get used when a diva is having to squeeze into a tiny bikini style wrestling outfit at the same time as they’re having to perform agile and combative matches. On many occasions we have got to see way more of a Diva than the WWE ever intended us to.

During Tuesday’s episode of WWE Main Event on the WWE Network, members of the WWE Universe got a lot more than the $9.99 they bargained for; a Rosa Mendes wardrobe malfunction!

A tag team bout took place between four of the Divas who will be appearing on the third season of the hit E! reality series, Total Divas; Rosa and Natalya vs. Summer Rae and Layla. In an apparent mishap, Layla grabbed Rosa’s tights as she tried to re-enter the squared circle, thus exposing her backside.

Rosa has sparkly buns!

Rosa also suffered a wardrobe malfunction in June 2011 at a SmackDown taping in Roanoke, Virginia,while competing against fellow Diva and future Total Divas co-star Natalya. The contest ended in short order when the referee noticed something was amiss—her top had come loose. Rosa covered her breasts with her arms and hastily scurried backstage.

Rosa commented on the incident afterwards via Twitter, which fortunately for her, wasn’t televised: “A wardrobe malfunction that everyone wanted to see tonight.”