Rosa Mendes To Reveal A “Dark Secret” On “Total Divas”, Preview Clip & Synopsis Of Episode One

Rosa Mendes

Total Divas returns Sunday, Sept. 7 at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT, with Rosa Mendes appearing as a new cast member.

A teaser clip of the episode has been released featuring Rosa’s return to WWE following a lengthy absence. Upon being greeted by Natalya backstage, the third-generation wrestler notices that “half of [her] breast is hanging out.”

Rosa asks, “Doesn’t it look pretty though?”

“I think it looks great, but I would change because if one of them saw you wearing that, they wouldn’t want you doing ‘Be a STAR’ or talking to kids about reading,” Natalya says.

“It’s the new cleavage,” says Rosa. “Sideboob is the new cleavage.”

“Perception is reality around here,” responds Natalya.

On the show, Rosa will reveal a “dark secret.” The synopsis for the episode, entitled “Eggs Over Freezing,” is as follows: “Season 3 begins with Nikki planning her future without her current boyfriend John Cena; at the same time, life turns topsy-turvy for Eva when she’s forced to choose between family and her husband; and tensions are high when a former Diva returns to the roster, revealing a dark secret.”