Rusev Responds To Reports That He’s Injured


Dave Meltzer reported after Raw on Wrestling Observer Radio that Rusev suffered a knee injury during a match with Ryback on Saturday night at a WWE live event in Bossier City, Louisiana. He reported that although the injury was minor, it was the reason Rusev missed Raw on Monday.

While there was some speculation the injury could cause Rusev to miss the 30-Superstar Royal Rumble Match, “The Bulgarian Brute” insists that he’s fine. He’s says the reports are ‘American propaganda’ and that he’s never injured.

“It’s stupid American propaganda. I’m not injured. Just because I didn’t go beat up Brock It doesn’t mean I’m injured. I go to India now,” Rusev tweeted Tuesday morning. “But I I understand you Americans miss me crushing your favorite @wwe superstars. Because you are hypocrites. Injured HA! I’m never injured.”