Ryback Talks Vince McMahon Not Being Happy With ‘Goldberg’ Chants, If Tensai Sandbagged Him Once During A Match On Raw


During an interview with the Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, Ryback discussed whether the ‘Goldberg’ chants ever bothered him and whether Tensai, also known as Albert, sandbagged him on an episode of Raw in 2012.

Ryback says ‘Goldberg’ chants never bothered him.

“It never bothered me. I knew the fans were very loyal to him because he was at the top of WCW, came in here, and had a good run.” Ryback continued, “I knew in time people would become loyal to me and it would get rid of it.”

He added that the ‘Goldberg’ chants are now few and far between.

“There will be a few smart alecks who try to do ‘Goldberg, Goldberg’, but it gets overwhelmed instantly with ‘Feed Me More’.”

While Ryback says that he never had a problem with the ‘Goldberg’ chants, Vince McMahon did not like the chants and would say, “we need to have some control over this.”

Regarding the botched Shell Shocked muscle buster against Tensai on the October 1, 2012 episode of Raw, Ryback said that Tensai is not the type of person who would sandbag anyone and does not know whether it was a test from the office.

“[Tensai] would never go out there and try to sabotage anything and if that was a test, it didn’t bother me at all. I’m a home run hitter. I go out there and learn to swing for the fences”. Ryback added, “[t]o this day, it still blows my mind that that happened. It was one of those things.”

Ryback suggested that the error was probably due to him, though battling the flu could not have helped matters.

“I don’t like to use excuses, but I was deathly sick that day, like, the flu, just miserable, but still strength-wise, felt fine. It shouldn’t have been a problem. I just believe I hooked my head high on him that day. I didn’t get low enough.”

You can listen to the show here.