Why Samoa Joe Beat Shinsuke Nakamura For The NXT Championship At TakeOver – Backstage News

Samoa Joe

Last Saturday at NXT TakeOver: Toronto, Samoa Joe defeated Shinsuke Nakamura in a rematch to win the NXT Championship and become the first ever holder of the belt.

In the end, after a rigorous fight that saw both wrestlers kick out of several of the other’s signature moves, Joe first connected with a low blow behind the official’s back. He then slammed Nakamura onto the steel steps at ringside, before finishing off “The King of Strong Style” with the Muscle Buster for the victory.

The finish to the match was done to keep the program alive, according to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There wouldn’t be much left in their feud if Nakamura won again.

Joe is slated to defend the title against Nakamura on Dec. 3 at an NXT live event in Osaka, Japan. So if Nakamura is winning the title back, it would make the most sense to have the title change in Nakamura’s home country.

Here is a clip from the match.