Samoa Joe On If He Thinks CM Punk Will Return To WWE

CM Punk

The UK Sun spoke with Samoa Joe and asked him about CM Punk possibly returning to WWE.

“You never know with Punk,” Joe said in an interview promoting SummerSlam. “He is definitely somebody who does things his own way and I think the biggest thing is that you can never count out what his next move will be.

“I think no one would have predicted his move to UFC, nobody would have predicted a lot of things he does, so whatever he chooses to do, he will do what feels best in the moment.”

Both CM Punk and Samoa Joe are credited for helping put Ring of Honor on the map with their epic encounters in the early 2000s. Joe ended up going to what was then TNA Wrestling, while Punk went to WWE.

When asked if Joe would like to form a tag team with his former ROH rival or face off against him in a singles match, Joe said it depends on how he’s feeling about Punk at the time.

“It depends on how I feel about him that week,” Joe said. “It changes a lot as good friendships do!”

Punk remains under contract with the UFC, despite having not fought since his infamous one-sided encounter against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 last year. UFC President Dana White is on record as to saying Punk’s next fight probably won’t be in the UFC. Punk’s coach Duke Roufus has teased another MMA fight for Punk but didn’t specify it would be for UFC.

You can check out Joe’s interview here