Sasha Banks Reacts To Her Tumblr Activity Being Reported On

Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is quite active on Tumblr, interacting with WWE fans and sharing a bevy of their comments. A lot of the comments are just fans sharing their support for the former NXT Divas Champion. However, there is one particular fan comment that’s generating interest, a comment that apparently reveals the WWE Chairman’s perception of her.

She posted the following on Tuesday:

All the marks and smarks will look up and shout “We want Sasha!”… and Vince will look down and whisper “No.”

This is not the first time where she has posted fan comments criticizing WWE’s creative direction on Tumblr. Tumblr, however, is not nearly as popular as Instagram or Twitter, so anything she posts on the social networking website is pretty much only noticed by people who actively follow her account and willing to surf through hordes of pictures. After reports on the comment surfaced, she stated the following:

I might have to delete my tumblr since y’all take everything so seriously! It’s been fun

A standout of NXT, Banks made a name for herself thanks to her versatile wrestling skills and flashy personality. Her efforts earned her a promotion to WWE’s main roster in July. Alongside Charlotte and Becky Lynch, these women were brought in to be catalysts for a “Divas Revolution” in WWE.

Just before being called up, Banks appeared on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast and said that she would be main-eventing on the main roster, too.

Wait until I get to the main roster, just wait, and then we will be main-eventing that too. We’re slowly taking over and you can see that on the main roster right now, where girls like the Bellas are having two segments with Paige. It’s a small step, but it’s a step in the right direction. They are given that time and they are killing it. We have to do it as a union, a women’s union, taking over. It is going to get bigger and better. The opportunity of when I do get to the main roster… oh yeah, a lot of changes are coming.

Since being promoted, however, “The Boss” has been largely relegated to appearing ringside for matches featuring Team B.A.D. members Naomi and Tamina. Therefore, she is only occasionally wrestling in matches on television. That has caused fans to chant “We Want Sasha!” during her appearances on Raw and SmackDown, as the earlier fan comment states. Outside of a few lengthy matches against Paige and Nikki Bella, she has not been pushed the way she was in NXT.

It has obviously not been as creatively-permitting on the main roster for Banks, as she is not getting the same amount of time in the ring or the microphone. But if her Tumblr activity is any indication, Banks is joining her fans in being more vocal about her position in WWE.