Scott Hall Talks What Led to Razor Ramon Character, His Addictions, Vince McMahon

Scott Hall

WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall recently spoke with The Kingston Whig-Standard for an in-depth interview at this link. Below are highlights:

The meeting with Vince McMahon that led to the Razor Ramon character:

“When I first had my debut match, my tryout match, Vince liked it and I was summoned to his office there in the arena. He goes ‘Well, I understand your father’s in the army, he was career operating officer.’ I said ‘Vince, if you want me to be G.I. Joe, I’ll be the best G.I. Joe I can be.’”

“I said ‘Did you ever see Scarface?’ He said ‘No.’ I went ‘Say hello to the bad guy.’ I just started doing that schtick and he loved it and he thought I was a genius. I’m ripping off the movie and he thinks I’m a genius. Of course I never corrected him about the genius part, but that’s how it all came about.”

Recently making up with Vince after leaving for WCW years ago:

“I’m so happy to be back on the royalty gravy train. I was the guy who left and went to work for the competition and guess what, the competition started winning. I got blamed for taking Kev (Kevin Nash) with me. I didn’t get a royalty cheque for 15 years, Kev still got his. Vince took it personally when I left, to the point where I didn’t get royalties. He still was showing me love. He wasn’t going to give me money that I could do bad things with was what it came down to. ‘I’ll pay for your hospital, I pay for your rehab, I’m not sending you money that you might go buy booze or drugs with,’ was what it came down to.”

His battle with addiction:

“I never was in any kind of denial that I had issues. That’s why I went to 12 rehabs. It was only the last five or six when the WWE stepped in and started referring me to toward more dual diagnosis clinics. As time went on and the addiction specialist I’ve worked with up there for years … said that, ‘The symptoms are alcohol and drug abuse, let’s treat the root problem, what’s causing this behaviour.’ All the 12-step places say don’t drink, go to meetings, call your sponsor … I’m like, ‘Oh, gee, don’t drink? I never thought of that. What do I owe you, 40 grand?’ Once I started dealing with the (psychological) issues and what’s causing that type of behaviour, I started to gain a little traction.”

Check out the full interview at this link where Hall talks more about his addictions, Vince, WWE, WCW and more.

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