Seth Rollins on WWE’s Perceived Violence, Michael Hayes and Jamie Noble Praise Rollins

Seth Rollins

– The Des Moines Register followed WWE World Heavyweight Champion and hometown star Seth Rollins around this week ahead of the ESPN E:60 documentary. The full piece is at this link. Below are some highlights from their article:

Rollins on growing up a fan:

“My brother and I would wrestle in my grandparents’ living room, that was our spot. Even when he wasn’t there, I would fight pillows and the wrestling buddies (plush toys shaped like wrestlers) all on my own. Hulk Hogan was a superhero to me as a kid. I loved Batman as a kid, but he wasn’t a real person. He was a character, and I couldn’t touch him. But Hulk Hogan, I watched him walk out on the ramp and get into the ring. He was a real person. If he was real, why couldn’t I be like him? Why couldn’t I do that, too?”

Rollins saying what WWE does is perceived violence, not just violence:

“It’s not a wrestling show, it’s a TV show about a wrestling show. It’s a classic morality tale. It’s a story as old as time. You have an antagonist and you have a protagonist. You have a conflict and you have a resolution.”

Jamie Noble on Rollins:

“There’s no quitting when it comes to Seth. He doesn’t get down….If we have a bad day, we find a way to make it better the next day.”

Michael Hayes on Rollins:

“He’s one of the most durable guys I’ve ever seen. He’s like a cat. There can be a mistake made and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, he’s broke in two,’ but he’s just up and fine.”

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