Seth Rollins Says WWE Stars Aren’t Cartoon Characters Anymore, RAW – Twitter Ratings, Lita Clip

Seth Rollins

– Monday’s RAW ranked #2 among non-sporting events for the night in Nielsen’s Twitter TV ratings, behind The Bachelorette. RAW had a unique audience of 1.521 million, which represents the number of Twitter accounts that commented on the show. This is down from the 1.373 million the show drew last week. RAW had total impressions of 9.613 million, which represents the number of times the show was tweeted about. This was up from last week’s 8.968 million impressions.

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins recently spoke with Men’s Journal to talk CrossFit. Rollins commented on how today’s WWE Superstars are and if “pumping iron” is a dated approach:

“I think it’s a little antiquated, especially considering the evolution of professional wrestling. If you look at the wrestlers in the ’80s and ’90s compared to what we do today, I think training in that lifestyle is just asking for injuries. Using limited range of motion to move light weights a bunch of times just to get a pump so you’re aesthetically pleasing, I feel like you’re begging to hurt. In the ring, we move so fast. We take so many more bumps than those guys did, and we do so much more high-risk stuff. We’re athletes now. We’re not cartoon characters anymore. To do what I do 250-300 nights a year, if I didn’t train like this, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do at this level. So for me, yes, I think bodybuilding is slowly drifting out as a placeholder for athletic training, and I think slowly but surely, people understanding they have to train functionally to do this well for a long time.”

– WWE posted this clip of Tough Enough coach Lita talking to the competitors after they appeared on last night’s RAW in Atlanta:

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