Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon

Most individuals would collapse under the pressure of being the son of a famous father. Shane McMahon strives on it.

Shane dreamed of one day following in the extraordinary path walked by his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather in the amazing world of sports-entertainment. It was commonplace in the McMahon household for Shane to share a meal or conversation with the pioneers and legends of the business. His childhood experiences were unique as he carried the bags of Superstars from the locker room and appeared in WWE merchandise catalogs. As an adolescent, Shane spent school vacations and summers stocking the company warehouse and was a member of the ring crew as well as a referee and an announcer.

After he graduated from Boston University in 1993, Shane furthered his experience into the various levels of WWE business. The fourth generation McMahon needed to work harder than everyone else and studied the intricacies of television production, sales, marketing, and international business development. In 1998 he was the driving force in the company’s new exploration into the world of digital media and led the team that launched, which today garners millions of monthly unique visitors worldwide.

This time in Shane’s career brought about interesting circumstances. While he was building an impressive résumé amongst the top professionals in the industry, he also began to entertain audiences in the ring as well as become a creative contributor. As the rivalry between his father and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin defined the “Attitude Era,” Shane was often involved in defending the McMahon name and adopted the alias, “Shane O Mac.” While he later became a critical member of the Corporation, he made history on the February 15, 1999, episode of Raw is War when he became the first McMahon to capture a WWE title by covering X-Pac for the European Championship. Shane battled with X-Pac for the European prize and though he held the title for almost two months, he retired it on an episode of Sunday Night Heat. While he continued to appear in the corners of his associates and as a special guest referee, Shane mixed it up in the ring with the likes of Triple H, Mankind, Ken Shamrock, and Test. The master of the Greenwich Street Fight ended 1999 by winning the prestigious Rookie of the Year Award from Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

WCW Under New Ownership

In 2001 Shane rocked the foundation of sports-entertainment when he announced that he purchased the shares of rival World Championship Wrestling (WCW). The brash McMahon rode that momentum into the granddaddy of them all and beat his father at WrestleMania X-7 in a Street Fight. Shortly after Shane led the invasion of WWE and came extremely close to ruling the world of sports-entertainment.

In 2003 he returned to the public eye in the wake of his father’s match with Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania XIX. That July he began his tenure as Executive Vice President of WWE Global Media, overseeing international TV distribution, live event bookings, digital media, consumer products, and publishing. Shane once again performed multiple tasks as he wiped the mat with Eric Bischoff at SummerSlam, and danced with Chris Jericho.

Just as his father took WWE from a regional operation to a national enterprise recognized around the world, Shane expanded WWE’s global business and contributed to its North American success. While honoring the legacies of those before him, Shane was dedicated to blazing his own trail into the annals of sports-entertainment. With the additional responsibilities behind the scenes, Shane was rarely seen on television, but he found the time to help his father when The Legacy caused problems for the McMahons throughout 2008 and 2009. Shane left WWE in January 2010 in order to pursue other business opportunities.

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