Sheamus On His Current Look, WWE PG Era Bringing New Fans, Goldberg In WWE 2K17


Sheamus recently spoke with Kingston Whig-Standard and below are some interview highlights:

On his current look:

You’ve got to keep changing it up, otherwise it gets boring. In fairness, I didn’t change or alter the look — I only altered my gear — for the first couple of years. You’re only talking in the last two or three years that change with the Mohawk and the beads and stuff. But it’s good to change it, keeping it fresh. We’re on so much television now, people see so much of us. It’s not like the old days, where you’d be on TV once in a blue moon, or Saturday Night’s Main Event. You’re on all the time, so it’s good to keep it fresh, even if it’s just for yourself, to keep it interesting for yourself.

I like this look now, man. I think it’s really cool. The beads are something that I tried and they worked. I like the beard now.

On the PG WWE product:

I think that when we initially went to PG, and I was coming in at the tail end of the not-PG, whatever you want to call it — it was past the Attitude Era, the in-between stage — there were a lot of people hemming and hawing about this, but ultimately it’s brought in so many new fans.

On WWE 2K17:

Bringing Goldberg back is great. We’ve seen some great ones, Ultimate Warrior was one of my favourites. I loved him as a kid. Sting. Now having Goldberg in there is really cool, especially, I’m sure you watched Goldberg as a kid. He’d just kill everybody. He still looks great! He looks the same! Like a million dollars.

You can check out the interview here.