Paige’s Response To Sid Vicious Saying WWE Should Have Fired Her Over Leaked Photos and Videos

Sid Vicious

Sid Vicious believes that WWE should have fired Paige after nude photos and videos of her leaked online last year.

During an interview with The Hannibal TV this week, the two-time WWE Champion was asked about Paige’s role as the General Manager of SmackDown LIVE and said, “I think it’s the stupidest thing, but again … it goes to how the business is. When the business is down like it is, they’ll OK things like that.”

After implying that Paige leaked the nude videos and photos herself, Vicious said, “After that, I wouldn’t have her on my show. I would’ve fired her immediately.”

On the day of the leak, Paige stated on Twitter, “Personal and private photos of mine were stolen and unfortunately they were shared publicly without my consent.”

Vicious went on to suggest that Paige should’ve been held to the same standard as television journalist Charlie Rose, who PBS fired last November for making unwanted sexual advances towards multiple women. This includes lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence or groping female co-workers (not “hanging around in his underwear,” as Vicious states).

Not realizing that Paige can no longer wrestle, Sid finished his thoughts on the subject by saying, “Let them do dark matches or something, but don’t make them the GM of your show.”

As you would expect, Paige does not agree with Vicious. In response to Pro Wrestling Sheet’s story on his comments, Paige tweeted this GIF.

Paige also ‘liked’ these tweets from fans viciously defending her.