Something You Need To Know About Lana


As is common when a female talent joins WWE, wrestling fans will flock online to see if there are nude photos floating around. This is exactly the case with Lana as web searches for nude photos of the blonde starlet have gradually risen since her debut in 2014. And yes indeed, there are nude photos (and video) of “The Ravishing Russian” circulating online.

A model before joining WWE, Lana, under the name C.J. Perry, did many photo shoots in which she appeared either nude or semi-nude (not for Playboy though). And while posing nude, she wasn’t afraid to show every inch of her body.

Lana has posed topless.

Lana has posed bottomless, showing her bare ass.

There are even some photos of Lana showing full-frontal nudity.

She once did a nude scene for a cable television show.

On an episode of the Cinemax action series Banshee — airdate January 11, 2013 — Lana appeared topless.

As if that isn’t enough, Lana once suffered a nip slip during a bikini photo shoot while milking cows.