Something You Need To Know About Mickie James

Mickie James

Not unlike many female wrestlers that have performed for WWE, Mickie James has posed nude. But in her case, she made nudity found in Playboy seem tame by comparison.

While trying to make a name for herself on the independent wrestling circuit in the early 2000s, James supplemented her income by working as a waitress at an Olive Garden restaurant … and posing nude.

James posed naked for Leg Show, an adult fetish magazine specializing in photographs of women in nylons, corsets, pantyhose, stockings and high heels. In her erotic pictorial, which appears in the May 2000 issue, James spread open her legs, showed her butt and even did finger penetration. This photo shoot captures James from just about every possible angle as she leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.

Those photos would come back to haunt James after she made it to WWE in 2005. As you would expect, the explicit pictorial spread across wrestling websites and forums shortly after her promotion to the main roster. There have been rumors that she threatened to sue a website that had published the photos, ordering its removal. If there was a legal threat, it was ultimately futile since the pictorial continues to linger online.

In September 2008, her adult past came up during a radio interview she did to promote WWE’s “SmackDown Your Vote!” campaign. The hosts of The ITD Morning After — a radio show in St. Louis, Missouri — found out that James had posed nude and decided to ask her about it. James didn’t seem to know what to say as she stumbled through her words while responding to their question.

She said, “Well, um, I think that uh … I mean, I’ve been doing this 11 years and I think that uh, you know everybody … like I said before, everybody comes from different backgrounds and they, you know … I don’t … I don’t think that … that.”

James is then asked whether she “did it” and says, “That … (pauses) well … I mean, you know what? It’s … it’s kind of hard to say. Like, I may I have done … I did some different stuff in my past but I don’t think that makes or breaks who I am today.”

The awkward interview quickly ends, with the hosts noting afterward that they actually didn’t do much research on the subject. They did a Google search on her and Wikipedia said that she posed nude in the past. The hosts then pondered whether James was ready to answer their question (obviously not) and if she’s trying to put her past behind her.