Speculation on Rusev and Lana, Trailer for Lanny Poffo Shoot Interview, Fighters to Pro Wrestling

Rusev and Lana

– Kayfabe Commentaries has released their latest YouShoot DVD with Randy Savage’s brother Lanny Poffo. Below is the trailer and synopsis:

“The Genius, full of glory and renown, hath taken thine YouShoot oath and agreeth to answer all! Fresh from the decision to allow brother Randy into the WWE’s Hall of Fame, Lanny Poffo sits with Sean and fields all of your pressing questions…from the aforementioned decision, to his journeys in the wrestling business, to his black father Angelo.”

– Diamond Dallas Page noted on Twitter that former UFC fighters Phil Baroni and Kamal Shalorus are using DDP Yoga to help them make the transition from MMA to pro wrestling.

– With WWE apparently going forward with Lana’s split from Rusev, there’s a lot of speculation that she may quit for Rusev and cost him the “I Quit Match” against WWE United States Champion John Cena at Payback.

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