*SPOILERS* GFW Impact Tapings for 7/20/17 and 7/27/17

Alberto El Patron

Thanks to Tommy & Vanessa DeSocio for the following GFW Impact spoilers from Wednesday’s tapings in Orlando. These should air on Thursday, July 20th and Thursday, July 27th:

* El Hijo de Dos Caras defeated Mario Bokara in a match for Xplosion

* Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer opens the show in the ring with Jeremy Borash. He reads a proclamation, announcing Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 as Impact Wrestling Day in Orlando. Dyer will ring announce for a match tonight. JB brings out Tony Marrero, a survivor of the Pulse night club terror attack that happened last summer, to remember the victims of the tragedy

* JB announces that Grado must get married to stay in the United States as he’s overstayed his visa. Grado comes out and re-shoots the angle with Laurel Van Ness from Tuesday where he asked her out on a date

* Ethan Carter III, Chris Adonis and Eli Drake defeated Impact Grand Champion Moose, Eddie Edwards and Naomichi Marufuji when EC3 pinned Moose. The Mayor was the guest ring announcer for this match. Dyer and Marrero posed with the losing team and a few referees for a photo-op in the middle of the ring after the match

* They re-shoot Unified Knockouts & GFW Women’s Champion Sienna’s non-title win over Amber Nova from Tuesday night. The match didn’t last half as long as Tuesday’s match did and it ended with Sienna’s AK-47 instead of the submission win from yesterday

* Taiji Ishimori defeated Davey Richards to advance in the Super X Cup tournament

* Bobby Lashley comes to the ring and wants a world title shot at Destination X. He calls Bruce Prichard to the ring but Prichard says they already discussed this matter. Matt Sydal comes out but Lashley disrespects him and acts like he’s not there. Lashley tries to hit a cheap shot spear but Sydal drops him and hits a Shooting Star Press

* Sienna retains over Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing match

* Octagoncito defeated Trevor Lee by count out. Lee still has the stolen X Division Title belt and wrestled with it around his waist again. X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt came out but Lee ran through the crowd, causing the count out

* Another in-ring segment with JB, Grado and Joseph Park. JB calls on the Impact Zone to help convince Laurel that she should marry Grado so he can stay in the US. Grado calls Laurel to the ring and drops to one knee to propose as Allie watches. Braxton Sutter comes out and carries Allie to the back. Kongo Kong is out next to intimidate Park and Grado. Laurel leaves with Kong after calming the big man down

* Dezmond Xavier defeated Drago to advance in the Super X Cup tournament

* JB introduces Trevor Lee, who still has the stolen belt around his waist, and says Lee is demanding respect and if he doesn’t get it, he will leave Orlando for good

* The Mumbai Cat defeated Trevor Lee. The Cat unmasks after the match and it’s Sonjay Dutt. Dutt challenges Lee to a Ladder Match at Destination X on August 17th with the title on the line

* Eli Drake vs. Eddie Edwards is up next but we cut to Kongo Kong beating Eddie up backstage

* Ethan Carter III defeated Moose to become the new Impact Grand Champion. Judges were Bruce Prichard, Dutch Mantel and Scott D’Amore. EC3 won the first round and Moose won the second, then it went to a split decision as Mantel and D’Amore ruled it a tie but Prichard ruled it 10-8 in favor of EC3

* Unified GFW Global & Impact World Heavyweight Champion Alberto El Patron faced The LAX in a Gauntlet Match main event. Patron squashed Homicide, pinned Ortiz and defeated Santana by DQ when the whole group attacked him. Dos Caras, El Hijo de Dos Caras and The Veterans of War hit the ring to make the save. Patron and the others clear the ring of LAX and stand tall together to end the show

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