Spoilers: Impact Wrestling Tapings for 4/17/15 and 4/25/15

Impact Wrestling

TNA taped more content for future episodes of Impact Wrestling on Sunday night. It looks like these will air on April 17th and April 24th but we don’t have that confirmed as some stuff was apparently taped out of order. Thanks to Erin for the following spoilers:

* Bobby Roode defeated Robbie E in a match for Xplosion.

* Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy kick off the show to a pop. They promise to win the TNA Tag Team Titles and talk about the tournament going on. Ethan Carter II and Tyrus interrupt. Ethan brags on himself and introduces his partner Bram. Mr. Anderson, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode also come out for promos.

* Kenny King and Low Ki defeated Mikah and Drew Galloway. After the match, The BDC attacked until The Rising made the save. Homicide ran out and helped The BDC get the upperhand.

* Brooke Tessmacher defeated Gail Kim, Angelina Love and Madison Rayne to become the new #1 contender. Josh Mathews interviewed her in the ring after the match.

* The Hardys defeated Khoya and James Storm in a tag team tournament match. Jeremy Borash interviewed The Hardys in the ring after the match.

* Kurt Angle came out and cut a promo on his match against Eric Young, who interrupted. Austin Aries comes out and he’s taking the title shot instead. Aries declares he will leave the champion tonight.

* Cherry Bomb, billed as Laura Dennis, defeated Mia Yim, billed as Jade. Mia had Marti Belle with her and they were named The Dollhouse. They bullied Christy Hemme around.

* EC3 came out with Tyrus and declared himself to be the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Anderson came down and said the segment sucked. He brawled around with Ethan and went for a Mic Check but Tyrus made the save.

* The Doll House came out and said they have a surprise later.

* Magnus comes out and cuts a promo. He introduces his fiance Mickie James and she does an emotional promo. James Storm comes out and tells Mickie there is no crying in wrestling. Storm ends up talking Mickie into having one more match and not leaving.

* Davey Richards defeated Manik. Khoya and Abyss attacked Richards after the match until The Hardys made the save.

* Taryn Terrell makes the next match a No DQ match and retained against Awesome Kong. This was a good brawl that saw The Doll House attack Kong with kendo sticks, helping Taryn win. Taryn cut a promo and said she is putting everyone on notice – she and her friends don’t play nice. Taryn said this is her house, The Doll House.

* Kurt Angle vs. Austin Aries for the World Title doesn’t happen as Eric Young attacks Aries and beats him up at ringside. Angle ran down for the save but Young beat him down also. Angle was helped back and Aries left on a stretcher.

* Kenny King defeated Rockstar Spud, Tigre Uno and Mark Andrews to become the new X Division Champion. This was a Ladder Match and a really awesome contest. Homicide ended up interfering to help King win.

* Drew Galloway defeated Low Ki in a Steel Pipe on a Pole match. The BDC attacked after the match but The Rising made the save. It looks like they’re building to MVP vs. Galloway.

* The Hardys and Davey Richards defeated Abyss, Manik and Khoya in a Street Fight. James Storm came out after the match and yelled at Abyss for losing.