Spoilers: TNA Impact Wrestling and Sacrifice Tapings from 3/19/16

Impact Wrestling

– TNA is currently taping Impact Wrestling and Sacrifice matches in Orlando. It appears TNA is taping out of order but these should air on April 12th, along with what was taped on Friday night, and April 19th, and possibly April 26th. We will keep you updated on when these tapings may air. Thanks to Dan Marks for the following spoilers:

Taped Friday:

* Eric Young and Bram are in the ring. Young says he’s leaving TNA and taking his King of the Mountain Title with him. He says Bram is coming with him but Bram refuses and is tired of helping EY. Bram challenged him to a title match but gets laid out. EY comes back out with a pair of scissors and cuts Bram’s beard off

* TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee retained over Eddie Edwards and DJ Zema Ion thanks to Andrew Everett running down and interfering

* Al Snow defeated Mahabali Shera with a chain. Pre-match promo ripping on fans and the internet

* TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway comes to the ring for a promo and says Lashley broke his ribs so he can’t wrestle. He calls Lashley to the ring but Rockstar Spud appears instead. This leads to Tyrus and Spud beating Galloway down. Tyrus reminds us he still has a title shot coming and says he’s getting it next week

* Ethan Carter III defeated Eli Drake in a match for Xplosion

* Velvet Sky defeated Marti Bell in a match for Xplosion

Taped Tonight:

* Al Snow opens the tapings with a promo in the ring. He then defeated Mahabali Shera again for a re-tape, same finish as last night

* Andrew Everett defeated DJ Zema Ion after a low blow

* Mike Bennett and Ethan Carter III have words in the ring, leading to a No DQ match between the two at Sacrifice

* Maria Kanellis won a Ladder Match to become the leader of the Knockouts Division. A contract was hanging above the ring that she retrieved

* Bram defeated Eric Young in a Falls Count Anywhere match to become the new King of the Mountain Champion

* The Decay comes out with Gail Kim as their hostage still. Beer Money comes out but The Decay won’t release Kim until they get a title shot. Beer Money agrees to a Valley of Shadows match at a later date

* Drew Galloway retained the TNA World Heavyweight Title over Tyrus

* Maria Kanellis comes out for her first night in charge of the Knockouts division. She talks about a women’s wrestling revolution kicking off in TNA. Gail Kim interrupts and they have words. Gail accuses her of being behind the Decay kidnapping. Maria makes Rosemary vs. Gail for tonight

* Rosemary defeated Gail Kim with help from Maria and Crazzy Steve

* Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy in an “I Quit Match” ended in a No Contest when Jeff hit a huge Swanton from the steps leading to the rafters, through a table. EMTs came out and worked on Hardy, putting a neck brace on and stretchering him out

* The Decay defeated Beer Money to become the new TNA Tag Team Champions. Roode took a big chokeslam onto thumbtacks and there were still several sticking into his back when he left

* Eli Drake hosts his new “Facts of Life” talk show with Bro Mans. He keeps hitting a red button that calls them a dummy, resulting in them chasing him away

* Jeff Hardy comes to the ring and says hopefully he Swanton’d some sense into his brother last week. He’s interrupted by Rockstar Spud and Reby Sky. Jeff blames Reby for changing his brother and she slaps him. Jeff goes towards her but Spud attacks from behind. They fight and Hardy leaves Spud laying

* Mike Bennett defeated Ethan Carter III in a No DQ match that was said to be very good to end the tapings

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