Stephanie McMahon Thong Slip Photos You Need To See

Stephanie McMahon

Have you ever wondered if Stephanie McMahon wears thongs?

During a candid interview on The Howard Stern Show on October 17, 2002, Howard Stern asked Stephanie asked what kind of underwear she wears.

She replied, “A thong.”

Stephanie got asked about her undergarments again the following month during a chat session on After being asked if she wears thongs on a daily basis, Stephanie responded, “Yes I do [laughs].”

In response to the personal nature of the question, the chat session moderator then said to Stephanie, “I hope you don’t mind this kind of question.”

Stephanie replied, “After Stern everything’s easy [laughs].”

Over the years, Stephanie’s thong has been visible a few times on WWE television. Click here to see her thong slips.

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