Stephanie McMahon On Her Relationship With The Undertaker, Working For Her Father, Andre the Giant

Stephanie McMahon

In an interview with Mirror Online, Stephanie McMahon talked about The Undertaker’s ‘retirement’ at WrestleMania, her special friendship with Andre the Giant and what it’s like working for her father.

The Undertaker seemingly retiring at WrestleMania:

“There will never be another Undertaker… and everyone feels the same whether it’s backstage or out in the arena. I think that everyone that is part of the WWE Universe is a fan of The Undertaker. There will never be anyone [else] like him.”

If she has known The Undertaker since she was a little girl:

“Yeah. Ha ha. He would say ‘maybe not that little’. He’d say ‘I’m not that old’. I’ve known him for a very long time. He’s almost like a brother to me.”

Working for her father, Vince McMahon:

“Working for my dad is incredibly challenging, in a variety of ways. It can be challenging from a family standpoint, right, because I think sometimes working with family you take certain things for granted, and that can be challenging, as I keep saying! But from an opportunistic standpoint, I would never have had the opportunities that I have been given and afforded if it weren’t for my father. I think you have to work that much harder when you are part of the family to prove yourself and to keep growing, but again those are the best life lessons that you can possibly have. The best part of working together, at least in my family, is this incredible shared passion. We all love what we do. To be able to bring different aspects of that passion literally to the table is a unique proposition and one I would never give up.”

Her friendship with Andre the Giant:

“The first time I met Andre the Giant… He walked over to our trampoline and I was really little, I was only about three or four-years-old, and he put his hand out. I actually stepped in his hand, having never met him before, and he brought me up to his cheek and I gave him a kiss. My mom called him my Gulliver.”

This photo of her with Andre:

“It was after WrestleMania I. It was actually in People Magazine. He and I were sitting outside the Rainbow Room. I had noticed that everybody always treated Andre differently, right? And I was a little kid and some people treated me differently, because of who my father was. I think that’s something we bonded over, because I just knew Andre as my friend. And it bothered me that people would treat him one way or the other, just because of the way he looked. I just loved him for who he was.”